Minister of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan Samir Sharifov made a business visit to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and India on February 19-21***As of January 1st, 2018, the external public debt of the Republic of Azerbaijan constituted 9,398.3 million US dollars (equivalent 15,978.1 million manat). The Debt to the Gross Domestic Product ratio stands at 22.8 percent (based on 2017 GDP of AZN 70,135.1 mln)******

Job announcements and interviews

   Information on vacancies in the system of the Ministry of Finance is regularly provided by the Civil Service Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Winners of announcement and interview organized by the Commission are presented to the Ministry of Finance and placed by orders of the Ministry.
At present, the system of the Ministry of Finance includes 45 persons employed via announcement and interview. 19 of them work at the Ministry’s apparatus, 20 at the Ministry’s state agencies and services and 6 at local financial institutions.