Minister of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan Samir Sharifov made a business visit to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and India on February 19-21***As of January 1st, 2018, the external public debt of the Republic of Azerbaijan constituted 9,398.3 million US dollars (equivalent 15,978.1 million manat). The Debt to the Gross Domestic Product ratio stands at 22.8 percent (based on 2017 GDP of AZN 70,135.1 mln)******

Data Centre

Data Centre of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan was established upon Order 716 of December 30, 1977 of the Ministry as a public institution and since January 1990 has been operating as a self-supporting institution under the Ministry.
In accordance with Decision 55 of April 6, 2010 of the Cabinet, the Centre was approved as a subordinate institution of the Ministry of Finance not included in its structure. 
Registered at the Ministry of Justice in May 31, 1996 under No.D-11-64, the Centre manufactures and sells a product, implements works and services, possesses a personal right. The duty of the Centre is carrying out the data computing works and services and meeting the socioeconomic need of the staff. The key goal of the Centre is to improve the management of the finance influencing the strengthening of socioeconomic development of the republic in the basis of personal computers, the economic-mathematical and modern computers. 
The Centre renders technical service to equipments such as computer, printer, Xerox at the Ministry’s managing apparatus and local financial institutions, some budget-funded departments and organizations, fulfils software works.